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Learn about the surgeries that can improve the condition of your eyes.

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Cirugía Oftalmica Refractiva en Monterrey

LASIK Surgery: Lasik Refractive Surgery Monterrey

LASIK is the procedure used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.


  • This operation consists of modifying the shape of the cornea, so that the light rays towards the retina are better focused by the eye.

  • During the operation, a thin cap is created on the cornea, either using a laser or a scalpel, then the cap is folded back to allow the necessary amount of tissue to be removed from the cornea, using an excimer laser. Once the tissue is removed, the cap is put back on and the healing process begins.

Cirugía Refractiva Lasik Monterrey | Cirugia Lasik Monterrey


Evolution of the techniques and technologies used for the procedures that treat these ocular conditions.


  • In the case of FEMTOLASIK, one of the differences is that the initial incision (the lid) is made exclusively with laser using femtosecond technology and not with a scalpel, as in LASIK surgeries.

  • The main differences with respect to conventional LASIK surgery is that there is greater precision, quality and safety, as well as that the recovery time is shorter, since the incision made for the lid is finer and the healing is stronger and more stable.

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¹ Los procedimientos quirúrgicos son realizados exclusivamente en hospitales con los que cuenta con convenio.

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