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Surgery Lasik

LASIK is the procedure used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.


  • This operation consists of modifying the shape of the cornea, so that the light rays towards the retina are better focused by the eye.

  • During the operation, a thin cap is created on the cornea, either using a laser or a scalpel, then the cap is folded back to allow the necessary amount of tissue to be removed from the cornea, using an excimer laser. Once the tissue is removed, the cap is put back on and the healing process begins.

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Cirugía Lasik

Cirugía Lasik

Dr. Sergio Lozano


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“Gracias por toda la atención, los resultados de la cirugía son inmediatos, el mismo día pude seguir con todas mis actividades normales, sin duda una de las mejores decisiones de mi vida.


—  Emilia Valentina Álvarez, Paciente Cirugía Lasik

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